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Hotel Locarno

Hotel Locarno. 

Locarno is a beautiful village in Switzerland, Ticino. Hotels in Locarno are not luxurious. Some hotels in Locarno and Ascona are even "simple".

Here's what you should know before booking a hotel in Locarno.

My journey starts in Locarno, Piazza Grande. Monday, 8.30 A.M.

It's sunny, warm enough to wear a hoodie. And I land with the train in Locarno train station.

My plan for the day is clear: I will have my typical Italian espresso in one of the cosy bars @PiazzaGrande .

Next I will hike up to Madonna del Sasso, light a candle and ask for blessings.

With some luck I can reach the cable train of the community of Locarno to the mountain. This will cost about CHF 40 in the local currency.

Switzerland is expensive. Also in Locarno.

But the people are nice, some exceptions are obvious.

You find the typical stores and supermarkets like Migros, Aldi, Coop, Denner, etc.

Hotel Locarno

Where is Locarno?

The town (or village of Locarno) is located in Switzerland.

More precise: in the Northeastern part of Maggia's delta.

Right across the river Maggia. And the town Ascona on the South Western part of the delta.

It is the 74th largest city in Switzerland by population and the third largest in the Ticino canton, after Lugano and Bellinzona.

Sunshine and Swiss chocolate

2,300 hours of sunshine every year in Locarno.

Makes Hotel Locarno the warmest climate in Switzerland.

Hotel Locarno is also one of the lowest points in Europe. (69m under sea level)

Plants love Locarno Hotel: Palm trees, lemons, roses and other beautiful agriculture give Locarno hotel its special charm.

The heart of the city is the Piazza Grande.

Well-known for the Film Festival Locarno.

All is near to the Lago Maggiore.

Small romantic streety of the Old Town invite for a walk. Feel safe to bring your dog. You will love the parks of Hotel Locarno and the Valle Maggia.

Moon and Stars is Switzerland's biggest Street Music Festival. International Music Acts like Jamiroquai or Christina Alguiera perform here yearly.

Ticino Beer is served in the best Locarno Hotels and bars through-out the season.

And what's special too, are the camelia flowers. A sort similar to roses.

Hotel Locarno rent apartment

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Hotel Locarno - here you see the typical view of a Hotel room at lake

Hotel Locarno